Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Future of Electricity, As Seen in 1907

The July, 1907 issue of THE WORLD'S WORK carried an article entitled "The Age of Electric Servants," by Arthur W. Page. Here are the six pages of the article; click on an image to view a larger copy that you can read. Send a note if you'd like to see a higher-yet resolution version of the pages.

THE WORLD'S WORK was a serious monthly magazine aimed at business and government leaders, with meaty articles about new trends, business methods, improved forms of government, and the like. Walter Hines Page was the founding editor of the magazine; this article's author took over as editor in the due course of time. I picked up twenty or thirty bound volumes of this magazine when the Palo Alto Public Library deaccessioned them a couple of years ago, and have been slowly working my way through them looking for articles of interest for the various blogs and websites.